Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a landscape design?

A landscape design will give you a clear and organized plan for your space. It will show in detail the features that you want, while taking into consideration the opportunities and constraints of your site. Our Landscape Designers are trained professionals that can help you take your landscape ideas and turn them into reality. 

We will meet with you to discuss your project, wish list and budget. We will take a survey of your site for precise measurements and then go to the drawing board to develop your design. Once the design is sketched out, our Landscape Designer will digitally draft your plan. Your landscape design will be a cohesive drawing that is to scale. It will show the materials, structures and other elements discussed in your wish list. We also provide planting plans, lighting plans, construction details and permit drawings upon request. Our designer will present your design to you and discuss any feedback or revisions required. Finally, we will provide a cost estimate for the construction of your design. 

Free Quote vs Landscape Design

A free quote is when we take your idea and develop a cost estimate based on the materials, labour and site considerations. While we take design theory into consideration for your quote, it does not include thorough site observations and landscape design, as these are not free services. 

In contrast, a landscape design is a service that we provide that has a fee. Your design will include a complete inventory and analysis of your space that encompasses your ideas, as well as the recommendations made by an experienced Landscape Designer. The cost of a landscape design is an upfront investment that can save you money and frustration in the future, especially if you are planning to construct different areas of your property in phases. 

How much does a landscape design cost?

Depending on the scale of your property and what you would like designed, our fees can range;

• A small front yard landscape design can start at $500.00 (plus tax)

• Backyard designs require more design time and can start at $750.00 (plus tax)

• Landscape structures such as decks, pergolas and retaining walls start at $300.00 (plus tax)

Please give us a call to discuss your project and our design fees in further detail. 

When do I need a permit?

See below for a general guideline of situations where permits are required in London, Ontario:

• Constructing a deck or patio that is: 

         • over 24" (600mm) in height

         • a principal entrance of a dwelling unit (regardless of height and size)

• Swimming pools and pool enclosures

• When constructing adjacent to an environmentally protected area. For example, if your property backs onto a forest that is protected by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority)

• Retaining walls more than 3' (1.2m) in height 

• Removing trees with a diameter of 19.68" (500mm) on private property

• Constructing a shed, pool house, accessory building or detached garage over 108 sq.ft. (10sq.m)


Note: please contact your local municipality or conservation authority for permit requirements and further information.