Client Testimonial for Rainwater Harvesting System

Why did you have the RWH system installed and what motivated you to do it now?  


There are several reasons that we chose to install the RWH system.  First of all, there is all this free water going down our eave troughs every time it rains.  Why waste it? Municipal water is getting more and more expensive so we started to look at ways to conserve water and prevent soil erosion. We knew that in the past, people had underground cisterns for collecting rain water and thought, there must be a new way to collect all of this valuable resource, store it underground, and use it when we need it.  We are also having installed irrigation drip lines to the plants, which conserves water as well.  By using this system to water our gardens, we are using natural "rain water" instead of chemically treated water, which is better for the plants.  It's neat and tidy, underground, environmentally friendly, looks good, with a permeable stone patio over the system and attractive water feature.  


Nathalie & Gary Vandenheuvel

Construction of the Vandenheuvel rainwater harvesting system showing the Aquablox underground structure 


Construction of the rainwater harvesting system almost complete, displaying the liners covering the Aquablox

Completed rainwater harvesting system and patio paved with permeable paving (further landscaping to be installed)