Collect Your Rainwater with Tydan!

As water shortages are happening around the world, notably in Australia and the United States, Canada will soon start to develop this major problem. Our supply of water will continue to deplete, while the cost of water will keep rising. We need to sustain our valuable source, and it can be done easily with the latest green technologies.

You can now do your part in saving our water with an installation by Tydan of an efficient and useful Rainwater Harvesting System. These systems we install are called RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Tydan has been qualified by Aquascape to install them. The system is not your average rain barrel; it is a combination of a decorative water feature (designed to recirculate the water) with an underground water storage area. Water is collected through the down spouts on your house, permeable pavers and water features.


Pick One

The RainXchange system is sustainable, beautiful, and most of all: useful. The water collected can be used for anything from washing your car to irrigating your garden. The water is collected and stored underground, therefore maintaining the beauty of your home and landscape. What you get is clean filtered (non-potable) water to use while enjoying a beautiful water feature. It’s simple. Once the system is installed, all you need to do is wait for the next rainfall. And it doesn’t take much; the last time it rained out (for a couple hours or so) it filled up ¾ of our 3000 gallon basin.

Check out our Rainwater Harvesting page for photographs!