Urban Garden at JPII

A new and exciting project is under construction at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School in London, Ontario.

The Urban Garden at JPII is an outdoor learning space that features the latest technology in sustainable design, water conservation and organic agriculture. The design features areas for food production and horticultural education, an underground rainwater collection system, permeable pavers and a sensory garden.

Tydan has had the exciting opportunity to work with JPII on the design and installation of the main components of the project, including the construction of the rainwater collection system and permeable paving. Check out our portfolio for Rainwater Harvesting to see some of the progress of the Urban Garden.

Students and staff at the school are also planning on participating in the project. Raised planting tables are to be built by students in the construction technology courses, while a water feature is going to be fabricated with the help of the manufacturing technology students.

The Urban Garden was made possible by contributions and volunteers from John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, London Middlesex Master Gardeners and Landscape Ontario members Tydan Landscape Design Inc., Permacon, Grand River Brick & Stone, Arroc Aggregates, Aquascape Inc., Mackenzie Irrigation, Bobcat of London, Connon Nurseries/NVK Holdings and D & J Paton Landscape Supplies.

JPII Before and After