Water Conservation Initiatives at JPII's Urban Garden

Construction of the Urban Garden at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School is in progress and is coming together as planned! The Urban Garden is an outdoor learning space that features the latest technology in sustainable design and water conservation.

The Urban Garden's main features include: 

• 1000 gallon / 3785 litre underground rainwater storage basin (Aquascape RainXchange rainwater harvesting system)

• Area paved with permeable pavers (over 1600 sq.ft). Rainwater is captured through the joints of the permeable pavers and directed through a series of filters, which is then stored in the underground basin

• The stored rainwater is then to be pumped out for re-use with the proposed drip irrigation system connected to the raised garden beds, as well as through a hose for various uses. Drip irrigation is an efficient method of watering as the water is directed to the plants roots and there is less evaporation

• Raised garden beds are to be constructed by the Construction Technology students at JP2 and are designed to be accessible for all students

• A proposed water feature is to be constructed by JP2's Manufacturing Technology students. It will be connected to the underground basin and is designed to recirculate the water to prevent it from going stagnant (if water becomes stagnant, it creates a breeding ground for unwanted visitors such as mosquitos and bacteria)             


The Urban Garden was made possible by contributions and volunteers from John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, London Middlesex Master Gardeners and Landscape Ontario members Tydan Landscape Design Inc., Permacon, Grand River Brick & Stone, Arroc Aggregates, Aquascape Inc., Mackenzie Irrigation, Bobcat of London, Connon Nurseries/NVK Holdings and D & J Paton Landscape Supplies.


Check out the links below to see videos documenting the progress of the Urban Garden. Stay tuned to see the completed project!

Urban Garden at JPII - Part 1: Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Urban Garden at JPII - Part 2: Permeable Pavement Construction