PORTFOLIO / Walkways + Driveways
Walkways, driveways and steps — for access, function, and to create transitions throughout your landscape.

An interesting and functional walkway or driveway sets the tone to create harmonious transitions for your landscape design. Using hard paving such as interlocking bricks, flagstones, or natural stone, Tydan will create an inviting, natural flow and a touch of class to your property. Careful consideration is given to aesthetics, space, soil conditions, and drainage.

Tydan's Landscape Construction Supervisor is a certified installer from the ICPI, Interlock Concrete Pavement Institute.

Decorative banding
Backyard renovation
Front yard renovation
Heated driveway
Seating wall
Front Walkway and Porch
Paved Driveway
Paved Driveway
New Driveway and Walkway
Walkway with Steps
Walkway with Custom Pergola
A Grand Entrance
Walkway with Permacon Mega-Arbel Pavers
Front Yard Entranceway
Accessible Walkway
Flagstone Walkway
Stone Stairway
Flagstone Walkway
Curved Walls & Staircase
'Lawnless' Front Yard
Welcoming Entrance
Driveway with permeable pavers
Driveway and walkway paved with permeable pavers
Walkway Leading to Arbour
Lighting in pavers
Flagstone Path
Retaining Wall & Walkway
Walkway & Gardens
Curved Step
Paved Ramp for Universal Accessibility
Walkway & Gardens
Paved Ramp for Universal Accessibility
Walkway with Decorative Banding
Stairs with Lighting
Wood Bridge
Interlocking Paved Driveway & Gardens