Custom Sauna Aylmer

Serving residents in Aylmer, Ontario, the professional contractors at Tydan Landscape are on hand to make your dream custom sauna a reality. Whether your custom sauna is installed from a kit or fully built to your specifications, we are on hand to assist.

Whether you desire a sauna custom built to fit the entire room, a two-door entry, or even a single door sauna, we are able to craft almost any type of sauna, using premium materials to keep your Aylmer sauna running well for years to come.

Choosing Our Custom Sauna Service

To start your sauna process a technicianl will visit your space to take down accurate measurements. This process is used to determine the ideal shape, style, and type of heater that will meet your needs and enhance your Aylmer home. We can offer you a range of prefabricated Sauna kits that could interest you, though for a more customizable sauna it is our recommendation that your sauna is custom built from the ground up.

Detailed Barrel Saunas and more

Ready to fit into your life, whether placed on your deck, lawn, or even rooftop, Barrel Saunas can be built to your specifications! Choose your desired sauna heat, from electric and infrared heat or by burning wood, and we can further customize your sauna with recessed lighting, unique bench designs, and even custom windows. Let our craftsmen make your sauna dreams a reality. Our team is even able to enhance the view from inside your newly built sauna, installing water features such as a pond or a fountain scape for the ultimate in relaxation.

Get Ready For Your Sauna Project in Aylmer, Ontario Today!

A custom sauna is a lifestyle statement and it is the little touches that fully transform your space. We always work closely with you at your Aylmer home, ensuring your sauna provides a relaxing and long-lasting space that meets your needs.

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