Custom Sauna Lucan

Choose Tydan Landscape and let our professional contractors build your dream custom sauna for you in Lucan, Ontario. Choose a completely custom sauna built to your specification, or install a custom sauna from a kit.

Let us craft your dream sauna, whether you want a single door sauna, a two-door entry sauna, or a sauna built into the entire room, as our team can custom build any type of sauna using high quality materials to keep your Lucan sauna running for years to come.

Why Choose Our Custom Sauna Service

In order to meet your needs and enhance your Lucan home with a custom built sauna, our technicians start by taking down accurate measurements in order to determine the best sauna shape, style, and heater. We offer a range of prefabricated sauna kits for you to browse, however if you are seeking customizable sauna options tailored to you, we recommend having your custom sauna built from the ground up.

Comfortable Barrel Saunas and more

Barrel Saunas are completely customizable and can be placed anywhere, from your lawn or deck to your rooftop! Depending on your preference, you can choose to have your sauna heated by infrared heat, by burning wood, or by electric heat. Let our craftsmen work with you to help bring your dreams to life, installing unique bench designs, custom windows, and even recessed sauna lighting. Our team can even take your custom sauna to the next level with the installation of water features such as a pond or fountain scape, giving you a beautiful view from inside your new sauna.

Plan Your Sauna Project in Lucan, Ontario Today!

Our attention to detail is what will set your custom sauna apart. Our team is on hand to work with you at your Lucan home, crafting and installing a sauna that provides a restful, long-lasting, and relaxing space.

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