Custom Sauna Strathroy

Tydan Landscape has a team of professional contractors ready to craft the ideal custom built sauna for your Strathroy, Ontario residence. Our custom saunas can be installed from a kit or fully custom built based on your specifications.

Our expert team is ready to craft the sauna of your dreams, whether you want a single or two-door entry custom sauna, or a sauna designed to fit an entire room, ensuring your custom sauna is crafted using high quality materials so you can enjoy it for years to come.

What Our Custom Sauna Service Can Offer

Our custom sauna process starts with one of our technicians taking down accurate measurements which can assist in determining the ideal sauna style, shape, and heater for your Strathroy home. We offer a range of prefabricated sauna kits that could be of interest, though if you want more versatility in your customizable sauna options our recommendation is to have your sauna built from the ground up.

Custom Barrel Sauna Options and more

Built to your specifications and able to be placed on decks, lawns, or even rooftops, Barrel Saunas provide you with versatility. Choose to have your sauna heated by electric heat, infrared heat, or by burning wood and let us assist you with additional aspects such as custom windows, recessed sauna lighting, and unique bench designs. Our team of craftsmen is up to the challenge, no matter your needs. We can bring your custom sauna to the next level and enhance your view with the installation of a relaxing water feature such as a fountain scape or a pond.

Let Your Sauna Project Start in Strathroy, Ontario Today!

Our craftsmanship and attention to detail elevates your sauna to the next level. We work closely with youth ensure that we build or install the ideal custom sauna for your Strathroy home, perfectly matching your needs and wants.

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