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Interested in hiring a professional landscaping company in London, Ontario?

Tydan offers professional landscape design services in Lucan, Ontario, ensuring your outdoor space is beautifully designed and tailored to your needs. Let our team work closely with you and deliver professional landscaping design services to you in London, Ontario.

Whole & Partial Landscaping Design Solutions

Whether you’re envisioning a peaceful pond oasis, an entertainment-ready patio, or perennial gardens bursting with beauty, we’re here to make your outdoor space a haven for rest and rejuvenation, whether it’s a partial landscape update or a complete landscaping redesign.

Making Landscaping Design Easy

Our team of landscape designers will come to your London, Ontario residence to collaborate with you on planning and designing your new landscaping features. Our objective is to realize all your landscaping design aspirations while ensuring both elegance and functionality. We take pride in our imaginative landscape designers who will craft a design that captures your landscaping vision flawlessly, incorporating every detail from plants to structures, water features, stonework, and more. Upon finalizing the design, Tydan undertakes the construction process meticulously from the ground up, with support from our experienced and certified installers.

A Landscaping Company Redefined

For London, Ontario residents, our landscaping company boasts full licensing, insurance coverage, and the expertise necessary for your project.

Dive Into Your Landscaping Project

Are you in London, Ontario? Our experienced landscapers are eager to assist with your residential or commercial landscaping design inquiries. Reach out now to discover more about our services!

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