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Looking for a reputable landscaping company in St. Marys?

Let Tydan’s landscape designers work closely with you to create a beautiful landscape design that fits your outdoor area in St. Marys and beyond. Tydan is proud to offer professional landscaping design services throughout St. Marys.

Versatile Complete & Partial Landscaping Design

Transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation with a serene pond retreat, an inviting patio for entertaining, or perennial gardens that bring beauty year after year. From a partial landscape to a complete redesign, we’re here to help.

Modern Landscaping Design

Engage with our landscape designers at yourSt. Marys home to jointly plan and design your new landscaping. Our ultimate aim is to meet all your landscaping design dreams, guaranteeing both beauty and function. The imaginative landscape designers at Tydan will develop a design that flawlessly integrates your landscaping visions, encompassing all the finer details such as plants, structures, water features, stonework, and anything more you need. Upon finalizing the design, Tydan meticulously begins your construction project from the ground up, with the assistance of our experienced and certified installers.

A Different Kind Of Landscaping Company

Our landscaping company is licensed, insured, and fully equipped for your St. Marys landscaping project.

Let Us Start Your Landscaping Project

Are you local to St. Marys, Ontario? Our experienced landscapers are ready to assist with your residential or commercial landscaping design needs. Contact us today for more information!

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