Pond Installer London, Ontario

Are you seeking a professional pond installer for your London home?

Tydan Landscape Design Inc. can help you to create the perfect pond for your needs in London, Ontario. Your vision combined with many years of pond design and installation experience, allows us to create and install the perfect pond into your London yard. We are able to build and integrate a beautiful pond that will provide the utmost peace and tranquility. A newly installed pond offers a picturesque setting that will set your yard apart, helping you to relax and enjoy your London home to its potential.

Ponds Installation for London & Beyond

We take pride in carefully designing and installing our customer’s ponds throughout London, Ontario. Our London based pond installers pride themselves in making great use of your natural surroundings, we consider sunsets, the best position for morning light, and much more, so that your pond has an ecosystem that thrives.

Pond Considerations

Ponds, even those that are man-made are living ecosystems and require a small amount of maintenance. Algae control and water plant editing are part of a pond’s regular upkeep while keeping a pond oxygenated which is crucial for fish to be healthy. Let us provide you with a range of pond filtration options, from stunning waterfalls, we’ll advise you on underlayment, liners, pumps, lighting, fountains, stone and rock placement and more. Our qualified London Pond Installers are able to build and install a high-end pond into your London home that fits your budget completely.

Start Your Pond Installation Project Today

Once your London pond design has been created and approved, we can get moving with the installation of your pond from start to finish, we ensure that your London pond is built and installed to perfection.

If you are local to London, Ontario, or the surrounding area, reach out to us today to discuss your pond design and installation needs today.

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