Swim Pond Installer St. Marys

Is it time for an expert swim pond installer in St. Marys? Enjoy the installation of a beautiful swim pond at your St. Marys premises with help from the professionals at Tydan. Our luxurious swim ponds are perfectly integrated into your outdoor space, adding a peaceful ambiance at home that provides a retreat from everyday life that offers guests an added ‘wow’ factor.

When it comes to the design and construction of an aesthetically pleasing swim pond in St. Marys, the team at Tydan knows how to factor in the natural surroundings to maximize morning light, landscape reflections, sunsets, and more.

Advanced Swim Pond Design

We factor in the intended use of your pond into the overall design. Similar to any inground pool, shallow areas can be included in your pond to make maintenance easier and swimming more enjoyable.

If you plan on including fish in your St. Marys based swim pond, our team can help design and install a suitable environment that allows them to survive over the winter months. Not only does the use of rock and stone in and around your pond offer a stunning look, it also adds a natural touch that blends your pond into your landscape. With the addition of rock formations, our team is also able to design creative water features such as waterfalls.

Build, Maintain & Enjoy

After your swim pond design is completed we get ready to start building! In order to simplify the ongoing upkeep of your pond our experts ensure the installation of proper swim pond filtration for your pond.

If you live in and around St. Marys, Ontario – our team is ready to speak with you today about your swim pond needs.

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