Swim Pond Installer Stratford

Do you require a professional swim pond installer for Stratford? At Tydan we are professionals in installing a stunning swim pond at your Stratford premises. A luxurious swim pond can be perfectly integrated into your outdoor space, giving you a place to relax away from the stresses of life with a peaceful ambiance while adding the extra ‘wow’ factor for family and friends.

In order to make the most of beautiful sunsets, morning light, and landscape reflections, the team at Tydan considers all the beauty in the natural surroundings to carefully design and create your pond in Stratford.

Innovative Swim Pond Design

The overall design of your pond relies on your intended use. As with any inground pool, we can install your pond with easy to use shallow areas that help make swimming and maintenance easier and more enjoyable.

If you want your Stratford swim pond to include fish, we are also able to incorporate this into your design, allowing for the creation of a safe environment for your fish that allows them to survive over the winter months. Adding rock and stone both in and around your pond offers a beautiful and natural touch that allows your swim pond to blend into the natural landscape, with rock formations even able to add creative features such as waterfalls.

Design, Build & Upkeep

When your swim pond design is finalized, we get ready to build! Our expert team is experienced when it comes to swim pond installations, ensuring proper filtration to simplify your pond upkeep through the years.

If you live in Stratford, Ontario – contact us and we can start planning for your swim pond needs today.

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