Rainwater Harvesting

Conserve water usage by harvesting your rainwater with an underground rainwater collection system.

You can now do your part in saving our water with an installation by Tydan of an efficient and useful Rainwater Harvesting System. These systems we install are called RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Tydan has been qualified by Aquascape to install them. The system is not your average rain barrel; it is a combination of a decorative water feature (designed to recirculate the water) with an underground water storage area. Water is collected through the downspouts on your house, permeable pavers and water features.

The harvested rainwater can then be integrated into an irrigation system for your gardens or pumped out of a hose to use. What you get is clean filtered (non-potable) water while enjoying a beautiful water feature. Rainwater is full of micronutrients and compounds that provide nourishment for plants, making them thrive.

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